Program 3: Kettlebell All Rounder Performance Program Video

Finally, for those who want a bit of everything, a circuit routine will do the trick. This works like a HIIT workout because you’re constantly moving (with a one minute break at the end of each round) and because it’s fast and easy to implement.

We’re going to be using the most compound and technical movements here though and a whole body routine, which means you’ll build explosive performance and coordination, while also toning and honing.

The circuit is designed to alternate between upper body and legs, which will allow you to keep the heart working harder as it is forced to divert blood first upward and then downward.

Circuit training
Spend 30 seconds at each station, with a 1-minute break between rounds.

Perform this routine 3 times for a quick workout or 5 times for an intense session. Use four times per week for best results.


Kettlebell Transformation Conclusion

Now you know exactly how to make full use of a kettlebell and get the body you want from swings, squats and presses.

More importantly though, you should understand the science behind it and recognize the importance of challenging your body with unexpected and complex movement.

We spend far too long sitting and we don’t challenge ourselves enough. If you allow this to continue, your body will become weak and atrophied and you will be inviting injury. So keep challenging it with real movement and with functional training exercises.

The kettlebell is just one way to do this that is particularly effective and convenient but once you get a handle on this, why not branch out with some other forms of functional strength. How about some hand balancing?

You’d be amazed at what your body can do once you start using it again…