How to Ease Muscle Soreness After Kettlebell Workouts

We have explained in several articles how the amazing kettlebell benefits are for fitness and to include them in your current fitness workouts, if you are not exclusively working with kettlebell movements.

However, some of us just can’t start off slowly. We enjoy the kettlebell  workouts so much we get pumped and overdo things.

Our advice is to start off gradually as believe it or not you are using your muscles in a different way to the usual exercise tools. In other words, you will feel the burn if you do too much.
If you have done your first kettlebell movement workouts and you have included some new exercises or kicked it up a notch with a heavier kettlebell then you may start to feel sore.

Sometimes it’s just a bit of muscle fatigue sore. That’s good you have worked out your muscles well but if you can barely walk, stairs are nigh impossible and you have done so much you can’t get on or off the toilet unassisted sore then you simply overdid things!

Trust me, many beginner kettlebell users do tend to have so much fun with the movements that they want to push the limits. I highly recommend you don’t!

But, if you did get to the point where you can barely move at all or if your muscles feel like they have seized up then I highly recommend you don’t just rest and feel sorry for yourself, but get off the couch and go for a walk!

Yes, I know that’s the last thing you want to do with all over stiffness and muscle pain but walking will help a lot.

Even if you have to hobble along like an old man or lady, that’s okay, just go slowly and let the blood flow through those achy muscles. A 30 minute gentle stroll should do the trick.
When you get home, do some gentle stretches for another 10-30 minutes. It’s important when you have sore muscles that you don’t overdo the stretching, very sore muscles are more susceptible to damage so go easy on the stretching.

Kettlebell Workouts are a great way to get in shape and lose weight however many people discover not only their overall health improves, but also they gain more personal satisfaction with their body and life.

Not only do you begin to see the transformation kettlebells create in your body but suddenly you are able to achieve your personal goals too. I have long been an advocate of taking control over your life, set goals and work hard to achieve them.

Far too many people just drift through life aimlessly. I think that’s why kettlebell workouts help transform people’s lives. They discover they are the ones in control.
They can shape and change their body, get fit and healthy and it’s all done through willpower and kettlebell training. This propels us forward to achieve other life goals.

Ready to start?

Here’s a good exercise to begin with:

The Turkish Getup
The Turkish Get up is performed by lying on the back, pressing the bell up from one side of the body and basically standing up with it.

Take a look at the demonstration of the Turkish Get Up Here